Brag Bracelets for Good Behavior


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Brag Bracelets are a meaningful way to praise your students!

As teachers, we love to praise our students for their hard work! Use these fun Brag Bracelets to quickly and easily give your students a boost!

Color & Black & White version of the Brag Bracelets are included, along with a simple storage solution!

Brag Bracelets included:

• I lost a Tooth Today!
• I was Class Gardener Today!
• I was a Super Helper today!
• I was a friend of the Earth today!
• I was a helpful friend today!
• I was a Reading Sleuth today!
• I made Good Choices Today
• I made wise decisions today
• I had a “bear”-y good day
• I was caught “bee”-ing good today
• Hang on…I’ve got something to share!
• I’m a Rock Star Reader!
• I was Student of the Day! {Boy & Girl versions}
• I was Class President Today! {Boy & Girl versions}
• I was a great Classroom Cleaner today!
• I am a Peacemaker!
• I was a Super Sub Student today!
• I was a great listener today!
• I was a hard worker today!
• I was a STAR student!
• I had great bus behavior today!
• Hooray…It’s my birthday!
• I am a Math Whiz!
• I’m a 100 Days Smarter!
• My teacher is proud of me!
• Ask Me About _____________
• I am responsible!
• I have magnificent manners!
• I’m an AR Superhero!
• I’m a playground pal!
• I’m a Book Worm!
• I had a bright idea today!
• I was sweet today!
• I am awesome!
• My teacher thinks I’m outstanding!

How to use Brag Bracelets

Using brag bracelets is a great way to reinforce good behavior. Here’s how to use brag bracelets:

  1. Print the bracelets you’ll use with your class!
  2. For extra durability, you may want to laminate the bracelets.
  3. To secure the bracelets onto your students, you can either tape, staple, or velcro together!


By giving your students a Brag Bracelet for good behavior you’ll increase the likelihood of it happening again in the future!

Other teachers’ experiences with the Brag Bracelets

“I love using positive reinforcement in my classroom. These bracelets have really helped with that. My students love earning them and their parents love seeing something positive they did during their school day.”

“These brag bracelets are a quick, inexpensive way to praise students. They are very proud to wear them home to show parents.”

“My students loved celebrating each others’ successes! I used these as a way to connect our classroom successes with families at home. My students were so proud to wear the bracelets!”

“The kids love these bracelets. They can’t wait for the end of the day to see who will get a bracelet.”


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