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In today’s world, you need to keep the learning exciting, engaging, and entertaining if you want kids to join in, right?!

Introducing…Ending T-Blends Vowel Sound Tappers! These NO PREP activities will give your students an opportunity to master their ending T-blends phonics skills using a self-checking digital resource!

To use, students tap the sound circles and listen for the phonics sounds. Then, they tap the matching picture to the sounds!

Sound Tappers are interactive PowerPoints that can be used on Computers {in PowerPoint} and iPads {using the free PowerPoint app}

What’s Included in Sound Tappers Ending T Blends:

• 12 Self-checking Interactive slides with T-blend words
• Sound Tappers Instructions for getting the resource onto your computer or iPad

Sound Tappers will not work on Google Classroom or within Google Docs suite. 

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Why you’ll love Sound Tappers Ending T Blends

I am always searching for ways to sneak phonics instruction into our day. Sound Tappers are PowerPoint presentations that can be used on any computer with PowerPoint installed and on iPads {when the free PowerPoint app is installed!}

I love that Sound Tappers are no-prep and waste no paper resources!

Other teachers’ experiences with ending t-blends sound tappers

“This is a fun quick resource! My students loved the immediate feedback.”

“My students loved doing this in small group. It kept them engaged and they can’t wait to do more like this.”

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