Grab Bag Galore - A Growing LOT of Random Goodies {2019 Edition}


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Grab Bag Galore is back for another year!

Grab the 2019 version of the Grab Bag early! The price goes up as I add more content! 

On April 14th, I added a How to Catch the Easter Bunny writing + Spring Geoboard Mats. On April 16th, I added Summer & Fall Geoboard Mats.

I remember visiting the Hello Kitty store when I was little. I would always beg my mom to let me buy the grab bag! It was always so fun to discover a new treasure to add to my collection!

Each week, I make a TON of random worksheets {and other stuff!} for my classroom. It might be a random note for kids, a holiday goody, a science worksheet or a fun new classroom decor. It’s too little to turn into a new product, so I’ve decided to offer you my version of the Hello Kitty grab bag…Grab Bag Galore!

At least three times a month {but likely more!} I will add new stuff to this collection {1-2 page treasures}! The price will increase as more treasures are added! The price will increase as more treasures are added! ** You will always have access to the previous content!

*There are already goodies inside the Grab Bag to get you started!


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