Just the Basics: 1st Grade Language Arts Printables


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Review 1st Grade Math Skills in a simple way!

Sometimes you just need a quick worksheet to give your students a little practice on a specific common core Language Arts concept! Just the Basics are print and go worksheets to give your students a bit more practice with these core skills! They’re great for Centers, Stations, Homework, and Morning Work!

Skills included: 
• Short Vowels
• Long Vowels
• Short & Long Vowels
• Syllables
• Pronouns
• Synonyms
• Antonyms
• Nouns
• Proper Nouns
• Conventions
• Fact vs. Opinion
• Compound Words
• Comparison Words
• Adjectives
• Verbs
• Sounds of -ed
• Contractions
• Digraphs
• Sounds of R
• Inflectional Word Endings


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