Long Vowel Word Mats


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This pack contains 21 different word family mats.

What’s included:

• 1 colored & 1 black & white version of each long vowel mat
• 1 recording sheet for each long vowel family
• Directions for use

Long Vowel Families included:

• long a: -ain, -ay, -ate, -ail
• long e: -eat, -eel, -eep, -eet
• long i: -ice, -ight, -ide, -ine
• long o: -oke, -one, -ore, -ow, -ore
• long u: -ew, -oot, -ue, -ute

To use:

• Give each child a copy of the desired workmat (colored or black & white version) and the corresponding recording sheet
• Students cut out the letter cards & mat
• They use the letter cards on the mat to form words
• After making the word, they decide if it’s a real word or a nonsense word and then record it on the worksheet.

If you’ve purchased my A Year of First Grade Spelling & Journal Homework, this pack will fit in perfectly! Many of the long vowel patterns from that pack have been used in this product!

Click here to see these activities in action!


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