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With Centers in a Snap, you’ll get ready-to-go math games that get your kids excited about learning with little teacher time commitment!

Math Centers in a Snap includes EVERYTHING your students (K-2nd) will need to play, including:

  • 12 New Standards-Based Math Games Each Month
  • Teacher-Led Direction Videos {$59 annual subscription after free trial}
  • Color Printed on Cardstock for durability
  • All Math Game Pieces Included (Counters, Dice, Spinners, Seasonal Pieces, Timers, etc.)
  • Digital Access to Games (valued at $15.99 a month!)


Centers in a Snap is SO easy to use, you don’t even have to teach your kids how to play them! I’ve recorded ALL of the games so you don’t need to teach! 

PLEASE NOTE: you may cancel your digital subscription at any time, and no returns or refunds will be given once your payment has been processed.

The Value of Math Centers & Stations with Games & Activities

I am a firm believer that play should be a part of each child’s day. Math is a perfect time to slip in play with learning!

The best teachers want to provide meaningful, hands-on activities that get students actively learning and having fun.

With Math Centers, you can provide games and activities that your students will absolutely love, all while learning valuable math concepts.

In an elementary classroom, guided math centers are like the heart and soul of the learning experience. They’re not just a part of the daily routine; they’re a place where effective learning happens.

These lively learning hubs offer young students engaging adventures and turn math practice into a fantastic journey. It’s a world where learning and fun go hand in hand.

Why Use Math Centers in a Snap?

How many times have you found yourself leaving school at sunset after spending h-o-u-r-s standing beside the copy machine or laminator prepping materials?

Or, your weekend to-do list may include driving from one store to another and trying to gather supplies for your classroom activities! It doesn’t have to be this way…

Instead, I’ve done ALL the work to create meaningful and engaging math games and activities for your classroom math centers. With Centers in a Snap™, you’ll get ready-to-go math games that get your kids excited about learning with ZERO teacher time commitment!

Examples of Students Using Math Centers & Stations

Here are some hands-on examples of elementary students playing the fun games found in Centers in a Snap™.

Your Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade students will love the hands-on learning during their math center time. Order today to provide high-quality, well-crafted games to use during your math center and math station time – that can be prepped in less than ONE prep period!


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