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This fun and easy-to-use rainbow behavior chart is a fantastic way to keep track of your student's behavior! The visualization of this system helps kids know exactly where their behavior stands.

Plus, the included Think Sheet helps students to really reflect on their behavior, which is what we all want from our kids 😃

Managing your classroom behavior has never been easier! This behavior system promotes positive behavior in the classroom.

During the course of the day, the clips move up and down the chart based upon the behavioral choices each student makes. Good behavior causes the clip to move up one level while inappropriate behavior will cause the clip to move down one level.

Rainbow Behavior Clip Chart – What You'll Get

* Star Clip Chart Behavior System (includes 7 colors: green, blue, purple, rainbow, yellow, orange & pink)
* Parent Introduction Letter
* Student Weekly Behavior Report (2 versions)
* Think Sheet for students to reflect on their behavior

Bonus Editable Rainbow Behavior Chart

I've also included an editable version of the Clip Chart. With this version, you must have PowerPoint in order to type in your own “levels” You will be able to edit all text on the clip chart. However, with the parent letter, you will only be able to edit the colors/level headers, NOT the body of the text **

Simply download, print, laminate!

This year, I used magnets instead of clips. I simply added magnets to the back of my levels and found magnets at the dollar store to write each child's name on. As they earned stars, I stuck a star sticker on their clip!

Reasons to Love This System

With the included weekly behavior report, your students can quickly reflect and track their behavior progress. And with the parent introduction letter (editable), you can easily kick this program off with both parents and kids involved and onboard!

Students love the simplicity and fun of this behavior chart, especially with the fun colors!

Other Behavior Charts to Check Out

While this rainbow chart is probably my favorite, I offer a couple of other options to mix it up with your students! Check them out below.

Chevron Clip Chart System (Primary Colors)
Gumball Clip Chart System (Chevron Colors)


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