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This digital, interactive End of the Year Memory Board on Jamboard™ is the perfect way to reflect on the school year!

Two versions are included: a class memory version and a version for each student.

To use, simply create a “card” for each student in your class. Then, share the link with your class so each student can write a note on his/her classmate’s card!

You can share the digital Jamboard™ via email, on your Bitmoji or Google Classroom!

Please note: Jamboard only allows 20 cards per Jam. If you have MORE than 20 students, you will need to create two different Jamboards from the given. link!

What’s included: 
• This Has Been a Cool Year Jamboard™ with 20 cards {4 different cool kids included!}
• You’re a Cool Friend Jamboard™ with 20 cards {4 different cool kids included!}
• Directions


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