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They say necessity is the Mother of Invention… Well, I present to you, Everyday Edits for August!

No matter HOW often we remind students to use capitals, use their best handwriting, and add a period (or something else!) to the end of their sentence…they still do not always do it, right?

These Everyday Edits for August are a quick daily sentence for students (best for 1st grade) to work on all of those important writing skills! And with repetition, you’ll see their skills improve.

Plus, the editable file gives your students the important chance to focus on one sentence and master foundational writing skills!

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Everyday Edits August – What You’ll Get

• 20 Everyday Edits for August with checklists
• Editable File to create your own sentences!

To prep, simply photocopy a book for each student. To save paper, I’ve created the Everyday Sentence Edits on half-sheets.

I’ve also included an editable efile for you to create your own sentences if you choose.

Why You’ll Love These Daily Sentence Edits for August

After writing the sentence, students check off if they’ve started their sentence with a capital, used finger spaces, used their best handwriting, and finished off with correct punctuation. And with repetition, you’ll see improved writing skills for your students!

Plus, by using seasonal and monthly style prompts, your students will be more engaged with the activity! I love August because students come back to school ready to learn and improve their skills.

So, if you want your students to improve their writing skills this August, check out these Everday Edits! With purchase, you’ll get 20 edits (with checklists) AND an editable file to create your own unique and fun sentences. Get it now to improve your 1st grader’s writing skills and confidence!

What Other Teachers Say About These Everyday Edits

“My students love the check boxes at the bottom so they do the work and then “read” each one and loudly say “CHECK” while checking them off. This is a quick and easy practice before or after our writing time.”

“The perfect pack for the beginning of the year! Highly recommend.”

“This resource is so easy to prepare, yet is so wonderful for my class!”

Learn more about Everyday Edit Worksheets here.


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