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Snag some indoor recess ideas that are fun and easy to set up {and clean up!}

Is indoor recess crazy in your classroom? Well, they say necessity is the mother of invention! As an alternative to Heads Up 7-Up, I created Indoor Recess Activities for the Classroom.

This pack is filled with activities to prepare for a “rainy day!” All of the included activities are just plain ‘ol fun for recess and lunchtime enjoyment!

To Use:

Simply print & laminate activities that will work best for your classroom. Add the activities and the necessary supplies to a bucket that you can easily pull out for a rainy day!

What’s included with these Indoor Recess Activities:

* Thumbprint Art Examples
* Stuck in a Puddle Dot Game {colored and black & white versions included}
* Tic Tac Toe Board {colored and black & white versions included}
* Sudoku {shape version & number version, with answer keys}
* Hangman/Spaceman printable
* Indoor Classroom Scavenger Hunt {colored and black & white versions included}
* Cootie Catchers {3 pre-made versions & 2 blank templates. Visual folding directions included}
* Word Search
* Symmetry {3 versions, black & white & colored versions included for both}

In my classroom, I laminated the games for kids to use over & over again with a dry erase marker.

*** Download the preview to see the activities up close! ****

Please note: To use Rainy Day Roundup, you will need a few items from your classroom {stamp pads, markers, sharpies, dry erase markers, and misc. blank paper}

Want to see Rainy Day Roundup in action? Read about it on the blog!

See what other teachers have to say about these inside recess ideas for rainy days:

“My class can get a bit out of control without structure, so on those rainy days when they start to get a bit off, this brings back some good control.”
“Fun activities and games for indoor recess – can be used independently or with a friend.”
“There are several activities contained within this pack so you have lots of options for your students! I went a little overboard and printed too much the first time (haha!) but my students LOVED all of the activities and would ask for them anytime we had indoor recess! :)”


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