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With Centers in a Snap, you’ll get ready-to-go math games that get your kids excited about learning with ZERO teacher time commitment!

Math Centers in a Snap includes EVERYTHING your students (K-2nd) will need to play, including:

  • 12 New Standards-Based Math Games Each Month
  • Teacher-Led Direction Videos
  • Color Printed on Cardstock for durability
  • All Math Game Pieces Included (Counters, Dice, Spinners, Seasonal Pieces, Timers, etc.)
  • Digital Access to Games (valued at $14.99 a month!)

As a bonus, get one month FREE for annual signups + you’ll get a FREE DIGITAL GAME (valued at over $42)


Centers in a Snap is SO easy to use, you don’t even have to teach your kids how to play them! 

PLEASE NOTE: you may cancel your subscription at any time, and no returns or refunds will be given once your payment has been processed.

The Value of Math Centers & Stations with Games & Activities

I am a firm believer that play should be a part of each child’s day. Math is a perfect time to slip in play with learning!

The best teachers want to provide meaningful, hands-on activities that get students actively learning and having fun.

With Math Centers, you can provide games and activities that your students will absolutely love, all while learning valuable math concepts.

In an elementary classroom, guided math centers are like the heart and soul of the learning experience. They’re not just a part of the daily routine; they’re a place where effective learning happens.

These lively learning hubs offer young students engaging adventures and turn math practice into a fantastic journey. It’s a world where learning and fun go hand in hand.

Why Use Math Centers in a Snap?

How many times have you found yourself leaving school at sunset after spending h-o-u-r-s standing beside the copy machine or laminator prepping materials?

Or, your weekend to-do list may include driving from one store to another and trying to gather supplies for your classroom activities! It doesn’t have to be this way…

Instead, I’ve done ALL the work to create meaningful and engaging math games and activities for your classroom math centers. With Centers in a Snap™, you’ll get ready-to-go math games that get your kids excited about learning with ZERO teacher time commitment!

Examples of Students Using Math Centers & Stations

Here are some hands-on examples of elementary students playing the fun games found in Centers in a Snap™.

Your Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade students will love the hands-on learning during their math center time. Order today to provide high-quality, well-crafted games to use during your math center and math station time, ZERO prep required!

4 reviews for Math Centers in a Snap

  1. Tina Winters (verified owner)

    I am currently using the October games in my classroom. Everything was a breeze to set up, which was AMAZING!! The games are colorful, motivating and and engaging. My class LOVES all the fun manipulatives! They use the video directions to learn how to play and are independently completing each activity. I couldn’t be happier with this subscription and I look forward to upcoming months- to see what Molly creates! Thank you SO much, this box was a time saver and an excellent investment!!

  2. Tessa Olson (verified owner)

    This was beyond a breath of fresh air! I always dread setting up my shelves with new math games. I just don’t have the time. My first Box, January, came in December, so I was able to get familiar with it over Christmas Break and I was beyond impressed. It literally came with everything! The only thing I had to do was make a couple of cuts! I also laminated but the cardstock is so thick that it is almost not necessary. I had them up on my shelves and ready to go the first day back! They are engaging and my Firsties love them! I cannot wait to get my February box this week! I told a coworker about them and she also purchased them that day! Our time is precious and these boxes are completely worth it.

  3. Korinn Taylor (verified owner)

    Math Centers in a Snap is so great! It’s exactly what I needed to have a more spiraled math game center, without the hassle of having to find all the games each week! It really is amazing. I love that I get a box of themed games that have all the pieces, even the dice, that are needed for each game. I love how easy it is to show my first graders how to play the games by playing the videos for them. I love how much they love playing new games each week! I can’t say enough!
    The way I implement them is, I introduce 4 new games per week. On the day I introduce them whole class, we usually don’t play because of our time constraints, but they always wish we could! The following 4 days during centers they play one game per day. The game center is 15 minutes long, they know who their partner is, they grab the game and go for it. I rotate them each day. It works great for me this way, I like that we learn how to play the games whole group, and then they can be independent with their partners. This month (January) is the 4th box I have gotten, and we have loved every game! Again, it’s great review and rarely too easy or too hard, if ever. I HIGHLY recommend!

  4. Amy Olson (verified owner)

    I have been subscribing to these since October and I cannot say enough amazing things about this subscription! I teach 2nd and truly feel so blessed that I found out (through Instagram) about the Centers in a Snap. The colors are so bright, the clip art is awesome, and the games are valuable. The creator, Molly, adds awesome counters, game pieces, etc., into the monthly box, too! We have early release on Fridays and my class gets VERY upset that they don’t get to play math games. I wish I could record my class today–it was absolute heaven watching them laugh and smile while working math problems. I think the most valuable part about these (aside from my students being excited about doing math) is that it gives me back some time with my family. As a teacher, many of us work endless hours, and this gives me back some time. In the past, I’ve spent hours looking for the perfect items from sites like TPT; however, I’ve never been more happy with a resource than this one. Lastly, if there wasn’t enough amazing things about this resource, Molly does an awesome job at responding to emails quickly. I have emailed her 2-3 times over the months and she has always been so quick to respond. This is a resource that you would not regret purchasing–it is WELL worth the money.

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