Number Posters 0-20 | Classroom Number Posters for PreK – 1st Grade


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These classroom Number Posters are a great visual resource for your young learners!
The goal of these 0-20 posters is to help children understand that numbers can be represented in many ways! Each poster features multiple different ways to show each number.
Plus, the fun colorful designs keep your classroom looking great!

Each 0-20 number poster includes:

• Number
• Number Word
• Tally Mark
• Tens Frame
• Base Tens Blocks

What’s Included:

• Numbers 0 – 20 full-page posters
• Numbers 0 – 20 half-page posters

Here’s what other teachers had to say about these 0-20 number posters:

“I love that these have the numeral, the spelling of the numeral, tens frames, tens rods & tallies. Such a great resource! My current numbers are “tired” and this a great refresh (& one that is helpful to my students as well).”
“These posters were a great addition to my classroom and an effective visual aid for my Pre-K students!”
“These are great for my first graders. I especially like the place value component and the simple design. Thanks!”


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