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Partner Pairs Ups make grouping pairs of students simple! To use these partner cards in your classroom, simply select the version you’d like to use and pass it out to students.

What’s included with the Partner Cards: 

  • 33 Pair Ups in FOUR different styles
    • Black-topped circles
    • Matching color-topped circles
    • Black-topped rectangles
    • Color-topped circles

To use, simply affix the card to a popsicle stick or drop it into a plastic name tag. These partner cards are the simplest way to easily get students into pairs for activities!

Other teachers’ experiences with these Partner Match Cards

“My students always love being paired up using these cards! It eliminates a lot of headaches associated with pairing up students.”

“These are so darn cute & the kids loved finding their partners. I have a K/1 Combo, so I used colored craft sticks to match the coordinating cards & it was helpful for the beginning of the year with the Kinders. Thank you!”

“This is a great resource for seamlessly pairing students together in groups or partners. My students loved them!”

“Such a fun way to create pairings in the classroom. Kids love looking for their partners.”


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