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Punctuation Posters are the perfect addition to your classroom writing center! Each poster has simple words and bright colors to pique your kiddos’ interest!

If your students get confused as to where to put a comma, when to use an exclamation mark, or how to use a colon they can quickly check the Punctuation Posters. And instead of having to answer the same questions over and over (we’ve all been there), your students will know exactly where to get punctuation help in the classroom.

Punctuation Posters – What You’ll Get

I’ve included two versions of each poster: one set with just the punctuation mark, an example, and definition and one set with a punctuation mark kid, an example, and definition. Use what works best for your students! Having variety is often the key to students finding what works best for them and their learning style.

What Marks You’ll Get: 

• Period/Full Stop
• Exclamation Mark
• Colon
• Question Mark
• Comma
• Semicolon
• Quotation Marks/Speech Marks
• Dash
• Hyphen
• Parenthesis
• Ellipsis
• Apostrophe

This list helps your students remember how to best use each in their writing! And with two options, you’ll be able to cater to what works best for your classroom.

Why You’ll Love These Punctuation Posters for the Classroom

Whenever I can do something to save myself time while also helping my students learn, I’m all ears! These punctuation posters for your classroom give your kids a quick and easy way to check their own writing. Plus, the fun colors and ‘punctuation mark kids’ make learning just a bit more fun for your students.

If you’re looking for an easy way to help your students excel in writing, then snag these punctuation mark posters for your classroom today!

Many teachers have mentioned how much students love the ease of locating these posters for quick help. Win-win!


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