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Are the smart cookies in your room using The Smart Cookie Math Multiplication Program to master their multiplication facts? Or maybe the Smart Cookie Math App available in the iTunes store!

I’ve realized, however, that many kids do not have access to devices. To solve the problem, I created this set of flashcards to help your students practice their facts at home in the same sequential pattern as the Smart Cookie Multiplication Math program!

What’s included:
• 13 sequential levels of self-checking multiplication flashcards
• Student Flashcard Progress Chart

Flashcard Levels included:
• Big Star: Level 1 (x1)
• Chocolate Chip: Level 2 (x2)
• Sprinkles: Level 4 (x3)
• Hearts: Level 5 (x4)
• Daisy: Level 7 (x5)
• Wavy: Level 8 (x6)
• Stars: Level 10 (x7)
• Frosted: Level 11 (x8)
• Snickerdoodles: Level 13 (x9)
• Starfish: Level 14 (x10)
• Peanut Butter: Level 16 (x11)
• Donut: Level 17 (x12)
• Starburst: Level 19 (doubles)

** Please note: I’ve omitted the mixed practice levels so level numbers are not sequential.

Your kids will have a blast mastering their basic multiplication facts!

To learn more about Smart Cookie Math, make sure to read my blog post about it!


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