Sound and Light Investigations for Science {Aligned with NGSS}


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Teaching the Next Generation Science Standards in First Grade will be a BREEZE with this Sound & Light unit!

Students LOVE Science because it’s hands on, right? This Sound & Light Unit was designed to make teaching the Next Generation Science Standards easy to teach!

This unit is chock-full of step-by-step lessons, experiments, anchor charts, book suggestions, YouTube videos, response sheets and more to make sure your students understand Sound & Light through hands-on experiments and investigations. Check out the preview to get a peek!

What’s included in this 140+ page unit: 
• Suggested Book & Video Titles
• Background information on Light and Sound {in easy to understand terms!}
• Experiment Materials list {most objects are readily available in your classroom, the dollar store, or through donations}
• Parent Letter
• PowerPoint game

Lessons Included:
Intro: What is a Scientist?
Lessons on Sound
Lesson 1: Sounds All Around
Lesson 2: What’s That Sound?
Lesson 3: Good Vibrations
Lesson 4: Makin’ Music
Lesson 5: Sound on the Move
Lesson 6: Sounds Like to Move It! Move it!
Lessons on Light
Lesson 1: Do You See What I See?
Lesson 2: Is it Real or Artificial? + Power Point Game
Lesson 3: Let There Be Light!
Lesson 4: Eye Tricks
Lesson 5: Mirror! Mirror!
Lesson 6: Seeing Shadows
Lessons on Communication
Lesson 1: Can You Hear Me Now?
Lesson 2: What’s That, You Say?


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