Structure, Function and Information Science Lessons for 1st grade NGSS


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Teaching the Next Generation Science Standards in First Grade will be a BREEZE with this Plants and Animals Unit aligned with the NGSS!

Students LOVE Science because it's hands-on, right? This Structure, Function, and Information Unit was designed to make teaching the Next Generation Science Standards easy to teach through 20+ lessons!

This unit is chock-full of step-by-step lessons, experiments, anchor charts, book suggestions, YouTube videos, response sheets, and more to make sure your students understand the importance of plants and animals through hands-on experiments and investigations. Check out the preview to get a peek!

What's included in this 140+ page unit: 
• Suggested Book & Video Titles
• Background information on Pants & Animals {in easy to understand terms!}
• Experiment Materials list {most objects are readily available in your classroom, the dollar store, or through donations}
• PowerPoint Presentations to reinforce important concepts
• Vocabulary Posters
• KLEWS Chart

Lessons Included:
Intro: What is a Scientist?
Lessons on Plants
Lesson 1: Parts of Plants
Lesson 2: Watch Me Grow
Lesson 3: How Did It Grow There? + PowerPoint Presentation
Lesson 4: The Root of It All + PowerPoint Presentation
Lesson 5: Movin' on Up
Lesson 6: Leaf it To Me
Lesson 7: Oh Baby, Plants!
Lesson 8: What a Difference!
Lesson 9: What Can We Learn From Plants?

Lessons on Animals
Lesson 1: Parts on Animals + PowerPoint Presentation
Lesson 2: Whose Baby is That? + PowerPoint Presentation
Lesson 3: Oh Baby!
Lesson 4: How Do They Survive? + PowerPoint Presentation
Lesson 5: Adaptations of Birds
Lesson 6: Adaptations of Mammals
Lesson 7: Adaptations of Fish
Lesson 8: Adaptations of Reptiles & Amphibians
Lesson 9: Adaptations of Insects & Arachnids
Lesson 10: What Can We Learn From Animals

Plus – A Culminating Activity

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