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Are you tired of reading the SAME words in your students’ writing? “Say What? Words” is the solution! These synonyms posters will help your students develop their vocabulary and use alternate word choices!

Simply print out the words as posters {full size or poster size} OR as half sheets, so you can add on a ring and add to your writing center!

Words included for Synonyms Posters

The following synonyms posters come with this product:

• said
• mad
• good
• nice
• happy
• went
• scared
• pretty
• looked
• sad
• like
• bad
• big
• get
• small

Other teachers’ experiences with these Synonyms Posters in their classrooms

“This is a lifesaver! Has helped my students increase their word choice bank of knowledge! I see the difference in their writing and speaking!”

“My student found this resource useful during writing workshop. It allowed them to independently find synonyms and make their writing more interesting. Great buy!”

“I got tired of telling my children to use different words so their being able to just seem the different options on the wall has been very helpful. I find it so much more fun to read their writing and see the various words they have chosen. Thanks!”

“It is great to have so many synonyms for the class to choose from. When I have tried to think of some on the spot, I cannot come up with so many! This is a great resource for both the teacher and the students.”


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