R Controlled Vowels Games

R-Controlled Vowels Games are a powerful tool to engage and empower your young learners in mastering the intricacies of r-controlled vowels in English.

Incorporating R-Controlled Vowels Games into your lesson plans can significantly enhance your students’ language understanding. By infusing playfulness into the learning process, these games captivate the attention of young minds and transform phonics practice into an exciting adventure.

Students will learn all about words with ‘ar,’ ‘er,’ ‘ir,’ ‘or,’ and ‘ur,’ cementing their understanding of these complex vowel sounds.

Some of the r-controlled games include formats like:

  • Dominoes
  • Sorting
  • Beat the clock games
  • Decodables
  • A pirate-themed game & more
These fun games are best for 1st grade and 2nd grade classrooms!

Most Popular R Controlled Games

Check out some of the most popular r-controlled vowels games that my students (and hundreds of other teachers’ students) love! Most of the games are geared toward 1st and 2nd grade!

More R Controlled Vowels Games

Check out more games to help drive home this important part of the English language for your students!

example of an r controlled vowels game | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

The Value of Using Games

R-Controlled Vowels can feel very challenging for many students, but when you use games it gets easier! And anytime your life can be easier as a teacher or parent, embrace it!

Most kids love playing games, and it’s best to use that to your advantage. Students love a break from “work” and typically enjoy fun game sessions.

I love that students don’t even realize they are practicing and think we’re playing!

These vowel games make it easy and fun to teach your students important concepts. Plus, these games are easy to print, laminate, and use over and over in some cases. I also offer digital games!

These games are geared toward students in 1st and 2nd grade, but can work for kindergarten and 3rd grade in some cases! 

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