Word Work Activities for 1st Grade + Free Ideas & Games

Are you looking for new ideas to perk up your Word Work routine for your 1st grade classroom? Look no further!

These fun word work activities are easy to use for 1st graders, printable, and cover a wide range of topics!

Some of the most popular activities & games include:

  • Sight word mats
  • Superhero-themed games
  • Snap cube mats
  • Word searches and more!
These fun printable activities are best for 1st grade and 2nd grade classrooms!

Most Popular Word Work Activities

Check out some of the most popular word work activities that my students (and hundreds of other teachers’ students) love! Most of the games are geared toward 1st and 2nd grade!

Free Word Work Activities

I’m happy to offer some free word activities for your 1st grade classroom. These games are perfect for improving comprehension while having fun!

a 1st grader doing a word work activity | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

The Value of Using Games & Activities

I’ve been doing Daily 5 word work for almost five years now. I love that it gives students a choice in their own learning!

However, after many, many days of this routine in my classroom over the past half-decade, I’m kinda bored with some of the choices!

This page showcases many of my ideas for making your 1st graders’ word work time a bit more exciting this year!

Keeping your word work fresh and exciting is vital for any elementary classroom! These ideas & activities should help your students, especially 1st graders, enjoy the time each and every day.

Doing fun activities like word searches, snap cubes, matching games, and superhero-themed games will keep them engaged and learning!

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