Snap Cube Activities BUNDLE – Mats + Mini Books for 1st Grade Math Centers

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Kids LOVE working with these Snap Cubes activities! Turn that excitement into motivation for creating seasonal pictures throughout the year!

What’s Included in A Year of Snap Cube Activities Mats & Mini Books

• Fall
• Winter 
• Spring
• Summer

For each pack:

  • Mini-Book
  • 10 Snap Cube Mats in FOUR different formats {Colored without lines, Colored without lines, Black and White without lines, and Black and White with lines}
  • Directions

My kids cannot get enough of the Snap Cube Mats! They love creating various pictures. Then, they follow up on the activity by counting up the number of cubes used for the image and determining what is 1 more, 1 less, 10 more and 10 less than the number of cubes they used.


There are sets for all seasons!


To mix it up and make it a bit more challenging, I’ve included the same puzzles with just the outline of the shape. This allows your students a bit more creativity and requires a little more brainpower to create the image without an exact picture.

The Pattern Block sets focus on building the picture using pattern blocks and filling out the mini book with the number of blocks used. These are perfect for Kindergarten and the beginning of the year first grade when reviewing our one-to-one correspondence.


Experiences from teachers like you:

This is another great resource to use during afternoon bins! My students really enjoyed making all of the cute things with these cards! This is a great activity for social distancing because students can still be engaged while remaining in their seats, working independently! Thanks for an amazing resource!!! :)”


“These made for a fun winter holiday-themed center. We broke out all the snap cubes and I laminated these boards and let the kids try it out! They also created other winter related items with the cubes. Fun way to use manipulatives that are already in the classroom to make a fun center! Could easily relate to math lessons – count the cubes, find the area, etc.”


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