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Morning Work for December – Before the Bell activities!

Mornings can be crazy, especially with 1st graders! Kids get off the bus at all different times – some early and some just before the bell! Keep those early arrivers engaged with these fun, December-themed tasks! This month includes Christmas, Hanukkah, Gingerbread, & Penguins!

What’s Included:

30 Tasks to get kiddos thinking
• Directions
• Google Drive Resource

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How to use these Morning Work Activities

To use, simply print the activities, cut, laminate, and glue them to a popsicle stick! Kids can select an activity and complete it on a piece of scratch paper!

These Wake Up Workouts can also be used for free time activities, 5-minute fillers or for a quick brain break!

A Google Drive resource is now included so you can project Wake Up Warmups on your computer!

Other teachers’ experiences with December Morning Work

“Great writing prompts. Thanks!”

“I can’t wait to prep these for my kiddos! I love your creative ideas and now my kiddos will have fun activities to complete when they are done with their work or have a little extra free time. Thank you!”

“Awesome! Can’t wait to get these ready for my kiddos! They will love the variety in this set!”

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