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Rockin' & Rollin' is a fast-paced 7 minute review game. Students progress through the levels as they successfully pass each one with thirty correct problems. The 40 levels of Rockin' & Rollin' will have your kids working on problems with numbers from 1-18. Levels include +1, -1, make 10, -10, doubles, doubles +1, doubles +10, fact families, and much more!

This unit contains the following:

– 40 Levels of Rockin' & Rollin'
– Grid of 40 Rockin' & Rollin' Levels to add to a notebook
– Notebook Cover Labels for Rockin' & Rollin'
– Rockin’ & Rollin’ Worksheets with lines for the students to write their problems.
– Rockin’ & Rollin’ Worksheets with boxes for students to write their problems without worrying about adding the operation symbols
– How to Use Rockin' & Rollin' in your classroom
– Tip & Tricks Page

** In my classroom, I use a spiral notebook and add the grid to the inside cover. For this unit, I've included an alternative to using the notebook system. You can simply print the Rockin' & Rollin' worksheets for students to use.

Please note, you'll need to supply your own dice for Rockin' & Rollin'.


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