Early Finishers Books for the YEAR {2nd Grade}

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Early Finishers in 2nd Grade can continue learning!

Second grade can be tricky – kids are finishing projects & assignments at all different times. What are early finishers to do while they wait? Pull out their monthly B.A.T. Book!

B.A.T. stands for Brain’s Always Thinking! Using these monthly activity books, your students can complete a variety of fun & appealing activities as they finish their work or can sneak in a few minutes of Free Time!

For each child, you’ll photocopy the pages back to back, add the cover of your choice and bind it all together! Students keep their B.A.T. Book inside their own desks so it’s always ready to go! Simple directions for each activity make it easy for students to complete on their own without your guidance. Kids can track their progress in their B.A.T. Book with the Progress Page in the front of their books.

Each monthly B.A.T. Book is filled with 20 Common Core Language Arts & Math Activities to challenge and engage your students! The Summer BIG Book will include 40 pages to keep your kids learning over the summer!

Growing bundle includes:
September B.A.T. Book for 2nd Graders
October B.A.T Book for 2nd Graders
November B.A.T. Book for 2nd Graders
December B.A.T. Book for 2nd Graders
Winter Break B.A.T. Book for 2nd Graders
January B.A.T. Book for 2nd Graders
February B.A.T. Book for 2nd Graders
March B.A.T. Book for 2nd Graders
April B.A.T. Book for 2nd Graders
May B.A.T. Book for 2nd Graders
BIG Summer B.A.T. Book for 2nd Graders

You can read more about the B.A.T. Book here.


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