Presidents Day Printable Activities & Crafts for 1st & 2nd Grade


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There’s no time quite like a holiday to introduce some new activities to your 1st or 2nd grade students. And with 6 fun crafts and activities in this bundle, your students will be begging to use these Presidents Day printable activities.

Plus, these activities make teaching about presidents just a little bit easier (and fun)! With these fun and easy-to-use activities, you can teach your students all about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln (most students’ favorite presidents).

Presidents Day Printable Activities & Crafts – What’s Included:

* Directions for all Craftivities
* Washington Cinquain template
* 3 Facts About Washington template
* Washington Acrostic Poem template
* Lincoln’s Life Timeline
* Dear Mr. Lincoln template
* 3 Facts About Lincoln template

Why These Activity Pages?

Not only are these printable activities fun, but they even cover some math curriculum points. It’s a great way to sprinkle in some math while teaching about social studies this Presidents Day!

I built this pack to include plenty of activity pages and crafts that involve social studies (of course!), math, and even writing poems. How fun!

Presidents Day art and crafts will help your students look forward to this important holiday every year.

Presidents Day Activities for 1st Grade & 2nd Grade

These crafts are the perfect Presidents Day activities for 1st grade and 2nd grade. And not only are these printable activities easy to use for teachers, but they are also just challenging enough to keep your littles engaged!

These crafts are a fun way to keep your 1st graders (and 2nd graders) happy and learning this Presidents Day!

So, if you’re ready to keep your students learning and engaged this Presidents Day then purchase these downloadable (and printable) activities and crafts.


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