Printable Post-It Notes {Winter Holiday Edition}


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Winter Holiday Printable Post-It Notes: Reminders are a fast way to praise your students during this Christmas season!


As teachers, we often need to send home a quick note! Use these printable post-it notes to quickly & easily give your students positive feedback!


These print & go templates are a huge time-saver when you want to say a quick “You’re Awesome!” Check out the preview to see a sampling of what’s included!


Winter Holiday Printable Post-Its include:

• You’re on Santa’s Nice List
• Your Kindness Warms Me
• Just a note to say…
• Blizzard of Great Work
• Your Work is Sweet!
• All I want for Christmas is a Student like you!
• Hats off to Great Behavior!
• You’re a Wonderful Pal!
• You Warm My Heart
• You’ve Behaved Like an Angel
• Having you in my class is a gift!
• Sledding into Success!
• Winning Winter Behavior
• This work is something to tweet about!
• This is Tree-Riffic Work!
• You always “nose” how to make me smile!
• Have a Holly Jolly Day
• You’re Full of Good ideas!
• You’re on a Roll with this work!
• You are snow wonderful

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