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Kids LOVE Sudoku Puzzles! Turn that excitement into motivation with Spring Sudoku for a Math/Learning Center!

These sudoku puzzles are great for Kindergarten through 2nd grade but probably lend best for 1st grade. I’ve also included a Google Drive Sudoko option and directions for Google Classroom. I’ve really taken out all the “work” of using these spring sudoku puzzles for you!

Using these puzzles in a math rotation or center makes it really easy to keep your students engaged and learning. This is an extremely low-prep and easy to use resource for your elementary classroom!

What’s Included in Spring Sudoku:

• 10 4×4 Spring Sudoku Color Mats
• 10 4×4 Spring Sudoku Black & White Mats
• Directions
• Sudoku Solutions

Google Drive File + Directions for Google Classroom is now included! This makes it super easy to put right to use in your classroom. Your students will thank you!

Why Use Sudoku Puzzles for Students

Students love a brain game, and they barely know they’re “learning”!

In my classroom, I usually laminate the boards and the movable pieces so they can be used more than once. But, others have told me that they print out the black and white version and invite students to glue down their answers. Do what works best for you and your classroom!

They would be a great addition to homework!

To save paper, try printing multiple pages of the PDF onto one page. You can easily adjust this in Preview on a Mac or Adobe!

If you’re ready to give your students a fun and easy-to-use brain game, purchase these sudoku puzzles today!

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