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School Staff Thank You Notes are a quick way to say thank you to the important members of your school community.

It’s important for students to recognize the hard work of the support staff at our schools! These simple appreciation notes are sure to bring a smile to the staff!

Celebrate their dedication with a note of appreciation! I also love using these on the last day of school.

To use, simply print out the desired card & writing paper, write some words of gratitude and present them to your staff members!

What’s included in the Staff Thank You Notes:

• 4 paper choices
• Principal {male & female}
• Art Teacher {male & female}
• Bus Driver {male & female}
• Lunch Helper {male & female}
• Crossing Guard {male & female}
• Custodian {male & female}
• P.E. Teacher {male & female}
• Library {male & female}
• Music Teacher {male & female}
• School Nurse {male & female}
• School Secretary {male & female}
• Tech Associate {male & female}

Other teachers’ experiences with these notes

“I absolutely loved this resource! We had the kids color these for Teach & Staff Appreciation week. They loved giving them to all teachers & staff, even the janitors! The children requested them the next day as well to make more. Super cute idea, Thank you!”

“This resource is perfect and easy to print out when we are showing appreciation to a staff member on our campus! The kids have the perfect space to be creative and write their thoughts with guidance. Thank you!”

‘These cards were precious! We made them to give out to the different staff members around the school to thank them for their hard work this school year! Will definitely be using them again in the future :)”


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