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It’s crazy how quickly time goes – and kids grow up! This Time Capsule is the perfect end-of-the-year activity to celebrate your students and look towards the future!

Collect a tall Pringles container or coffee tin for each student. Then, print out the desired pages to add to the time capsule!

For the cover, I’ve included two options – print & go and editable. Pick what works best for you! There are also black and white copies of each option.

What’s included: 
• Letter from Teacher
• Letter from Parents to Daughter/Son
• School Favorites
• Some of My Favorites
• All About Me
• What’s It Cost?
• Food Favorites
• Friends
• When I Grow Up
• Handprint Page
• My Family Picture Page
• Me & My Teacher Page
• 2 Printable Cover Options {Color and Black & White}
• 2 Editable Cover Options {to add student names} MUST have PowerPoint to add names

Learn more about using the time capsule for students here.


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