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Everyone has an opinion, right? Get your kiddos to start sharing their opinion {and provide supporting reasons} with these Would You Rather spring edition opinion writing prompts!

Would You Rather spring edition writing is the perfect addition to your Daily 5 Work on Writing Center! This pack includes 40 engaging topics for students to develop lists + an editable template to create your own!

Some topics included in these spring opinion writing prompts:

  • Would you rather jump in puddles or drink hot cocoa instead?
  • Would you rather have ants crawl all over you or sleep in a bed of spiders?
  • Would you rather remain a caterpillar or turn into a butterfly?
  • Would you rather have ladybug spots or tiger stripes? And much more!

Would You Rather Spring Edition – What You'll Get

• 20 Would You Rather? Writing Prompts with sentence structure
• 20 Would You Rather? Writing Prompts without sentence structure
• Editable File to create your own spring edition would you rather prompt!

These prompts take away so much of the challenge of pushing your students to start sharing their opinion! Opinion writing is such a beneficial skill for all students to learn, so get your kids writing with these fun (and easy to use) prompts.

Why Use These Spring Edition Writing Prompts

Everyone, young students included, has an opinion to share! But what I've seen with kids is they often are shy or unsure of how to share those opinions.

These Would You Rather spring edition prompts make it extremely easy to get your kids thinking with fun questions. And to make it even better I've included a spot for students to draw pictures related to each question. Combining drawing and writing can help your students truly internalize and understand their opinions. And of course, writing concepts too!

If you're ready to get your kids writing and sharing opinions, get these springtime Would You Rather prompts!


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