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Check out this resource all about Africa Continent Study for 1st grade!

Exploring the Continent of Africa has never been more exciting! It’s a Small World: Africa is filled with activities to help your students gain a greater understanding of Africa

This 18-page unit is filled with great resources, posters, printables, activities, and projects that will open your students to a whole new world!

What’s included in this African Continent Study Resource:

• Africa Poster
• Africa Fact Sheet
• Africa Resource List (suggested books & website links)
• Africa Word Search
• Two crafts (Banda Mask and Djembe Drum)
• Two games played by children of the continent (Ampe & Wari)
• Around the Continent Spinner

All activities use simple materials found in your classroom (or readily available from parents).

** Please note that this unit is included in It’s a Small World – HUGE 7 Continent Unit!! I broke the continents up just in case teachers didn’t need all 7 **

If you’re interested in other continents, click on the links below!
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It’s a Small World – Australia
It’s a Small World – Europe
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It’s a Small World – South America

Check out more of what’s included in It’s a Small World on my blog.

Experiences from teachers like you:

Loved the short stories (nice for the young ones) and the craft activities to go along with them! Kids loved it and learned so much!”

“I used this resource to create a Africa themed unit of study and incorporated music and art into the learning activities. The students were engaged and found the topic interesting!”

“A Great addition to our mini-unit on Africa…especially love the mask craft project.”


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