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Learn about Australia! Take a journey around Australia without ever leaving your classroom with these stunning PowerPoint presentations.

This PowerPoint presentation uses real photographs to give your students a peek into the amazing wonders of Australia!

The Australia Continent Study includes mapsgeographical informationanimalsweathercities, and important places to see! The final 3 slides quiz your students’ knowledge!

Check out the Let’s Learn About the World Bundle! It includes a PowerPoint for EVERY continent!

Other teachers’ experiences with the Australia PowerPoint

“Thank you so much for this resource. My students had a wonderful time learning about Australia. I will be using this resource again.”

“Exactly what I needed, when I was teaching about Australia. Super engaging PowerPoint with easy-to-understand material.”

“Such a worthwhile purchase! I used this with both in-person and remote students to introduce our study of Australia. The PowerPoint is very well-done with beautiful pictures and lots of information. My kiddos were captivated by it. This would have taken me hours to put together if I did it myself. Thank you for an amazing product!”

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