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Australia Continent Study!

Exploring the Continent of Australia has never been more exciting! It’s a Small World: Australia is filled with activities to help your students gain a greater understanding of Australia!

This 21-page unit is filled with great resources, posters, printables, activities, and projects that will open your students to a whole new world!

What’s included:

• Australia Poster
• Australia Fact Sheet
• Australia Resource List (suggested books & website links)
• Australia Word Search
• Koala Lou Puppet
• Aboriginal Clapsticks
• Boomerang Craft
• Gorri Game
• Around the Continent Spinner

All activities use simple materials found in your classroom (or readily available from parents)

** Please note that this unit is included in It’s a Small World – HUGE 7 Continent Unit!! I broke the continents up just in case teachers didn’t need all 7 **

If you’re interested in other continents, click on the links below!
It’s a Small World – Africa
It’s a Small World – Antarctica
It’s a Small World – Asia
It’s a Small World – Europe
It’s a Small World – North America
It’s a Small World – South America

Check out more of what’s included in It’s a Small World on my blog. And see all 7 continents project ideas here.

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