7 Continents Project Ideas for Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grade

Learning about the 7 continents at a young age can help young kids understand their place in the world! Teaching about the continents in fun, helpful, and engaging ways is a wonderful way to expose students to the big world!

You’ll find project ideas, printables, and worksheets for all 7 continents:

  • Africa
  • Antarctica
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
The fun project ideas I’ll show you on this page will help your students form a concrete understanding of the continents at large.
For each continent, I offer resources including:
  • Posters and maps
  • Suggested books & music links
  • Continent facts
  • 7 Continents word search
  • Art projects
  • Assessments
  • Art projects
  • Puzzles and more!
The majority of these resources are geared toward Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade, but they can also be tweaked for other ages.

7 Continents Ideas & Articles for Teachers

I’ve written many articles about the best ideas for teaching the seven continents. Check out each one below. 

Click the image or link to read the article, links open in a new tab.

This article dives deep into the best ways to teach young students fun facts about each continent. Plus, a free continent word search! Read it here.

This article focuses on using PowerPoint to teach students about the continents in an engaging and fun way. Read the article here.

This article gives a high-level overview of my popular 7 Continents product and how it can benefit your students. Read here.

This article showcases my favorite ideas and tips to make teaching beginning geography to K-2 students engaging, educational, and fun. Read here.

This article focuses on unique ways to teach about the continents, including interactive globes, fun songs, puzzles, and more. Read the article here.

This article focuses on fun activities like interactive booklets and spinners, art projects, and fact sheets. Read it here.

Asia Continent Study Lucky to Be in First

Why Teaching Geography & The Continents Matters for Elementary Classrooms

It is SO fun to teach students about geography. For primary kids, the world feels huge. Just their town feels big enough. So when you start teaching about all of the continents across the world, it can be hard for them to fully understand!

One of the trickiest things for our youngest learners to understand is that there is a great big world beyond the small little bubbles they live in!

But, it’s our job to help them understand that they have an important place in the greater world.

Learning about the 7 continents is a great way to expose young students to the big world!

All of my resources are geared to help you help your students LOVE the world around them. With my wide range of project ideas, printables, crafts, and worksheets, you’ll have a classroom full of students eager to learn more!

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