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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to acknowledge what we’re grateful for! This Classroom Gratitude Jar Activity will give your students a chance to reflect on the people, activities, etc. at school that they are grateful for.

To create, print the “gratitude” strips or circles (depending on what works best for your classroom) onto either colored paper or construction paper. Print the jar label onto cardstock for durability.

Leave the Gratitude Jar along with strips or circles in a basket somewhere in your classroom. Encourage your students to visit the spot as they wish to write something they are grateful for.

Additionally, you can send the supplies home with your students for families to create their own Gratitude Jars.

What’s included with this Gratitude Jar Activity: 

  • Classroom Gratitude Jar Label {Color and Black & White}
  • Our Family Gratitude Jar Label {Color and Black & White}
  • Family Letter
  • Blank Writing Circles
  • Writing Circles with Prompts (5 Options included}
  • Blank Writing Strips
  • Writing Strips with Prompts (5 Options included}
  • Directions for using the gratitude jar

Why a Gratitude Activity?

Last year, I started a classroom gratitude jar for our classroom and it was the highlight of our month! We have so many discussions around what we’re thankful for – from our friends to the food we have to the pencils we write with.

Having the jar sit at the front of our classroom was a great reminder. As students thought of an idea, they wrote on the slip of paper and dropped into the jar. At the end of each day, we read our new additions.

After a few days of doing this activity as a class, we gather the materials for the students to create a “Family Gratitude Jar” at home. It was a hit with families, too!

Other teachers’ experience with these Gratitude Jars in their classroom

“I loved using this during October and November. It was very user-friendly. I was so happy to have my students take time to reflect on thankfulness and gratitude.”

“This is a wonderful activity. My students loved filling the jar with all of the things that they were grateful for. I intended for this to be a November activity, but they loved it so much we are using all year.”

“Worked well during the month of November. It was a great lesson on gratitude and being thankful. Thanks!”

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