Thanksgiving Pattern Block Mats + Mini Book for K-1st Grade


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Kids LOVE working with Pattern Block Mats! Turn that excitement into motivation for creating cute Thanksgiving pictures! These pattern block mats make math fun while also engaging and educational for your young students.

Grab the GROWING BUNDLE and save!

What’s Included in Thanksgiving Pattern Mats 

  • Thanksgiving Shapes Mini-Book with fun-themed pattern block mats
  • 10 Thanksgiving Pattern Block Mats in FOUR different formats
    • Colored without lines
    • Colored without lines
    • Black and White without lines
    • Black and White with lines
  • Directions for use

Here are some of the fun Thanksgiving-themed designs your students can make with pattern blocks:

  • Barn
  • Corn
  • Cornucopia
  • Dinner plate
  • Mayflower
  • Pilgrim hat
  • Pumpkin
  • Turkey dinner & more!

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Why You’ll Love These Thanksgiving Pattern Block Mats + Mini Book

Growing up, I was definitely more of a reader than a math kid. I always had a book nearby to pull out & read when I had a few minutes. It would have never dawned on me to work on math problems, pull out a puzzle or even build something with pattern blocks! It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that math was more than just word problems and equations!

In the classroom, it’s easy for me to spot the “book” kids. You know who they are – the kids who would rather visit your classroom library or write in their journal than pull out a Logic Puzzle!

To lure those kids in {and lead them to realize much sooner than I did that Math is SO MUCH more than numbers!} you can use fun pattern block mats to make math fun!

The Pattern Block sets focus on building the picture using pattern blocks and filling out the mini book with the number of blocks used. These are perfect for Kindergarten and the beginning of the year first grade when reviewing our one-to-one correspondence.

So, purchase now to make this Thanksgiving season a fun math season!

Other teachers’ experiences with these Thanksgiving pattern block templates

“I bought the spring pack of these a few years ago and I was so excited to see them out for other holidays! I love using these in stations because my students can do them independently.”

“Needed something that my students could use over and over again to eventually lead to generalization. Worked perfectly!”

“I LOVE these, but more importantly, my kiddos love them!! It is a win, win, win… they are engaged, learning, and having fun!”

“LOVE this set of Pattern Block activities! My kiddos get so excited for each new holiday that is added! Thank you for such a great variety!”

“My students loved using the pattern block mat templates as a center.”

Check out all the Printable Pattern Block Pictures & Templates here!

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