Gingerbread Unit


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Gingerbread makes Winter learning fun!

Make learning the Common Core Standards fun with this Gingerbread Mini unit!

What’s included:

• Building Place Value {students ‘build’ gingerbread houses using candy to represent 100s, 10s & 1s. Includes posters, gingerbread house and “candy” to decorate, both b&w and colored version}
• Gingerbread in Disguise {At home project for students to disguise a gingerbread and write about it. Includes letter, worksheet and gingerbread silhouettes}
• Gingerbread Graphing {Students graph the first bite of a gingerbread cookie & evaluate the data on a class graph and worksheet follow-up}
• 8 Common Core Worksheets {addition, subtraction, syllables, short vowels, digraphs, making words, & compound words}


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