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Make snowflakes using pattern blocks with this simple to prep activity for the winter classroom!

To help reinforce basic shapes, create these fun Pattern Block Snowflakes! Students use pattern blocks to make a winter symbol and record their total number of shapes! A Google Drive resource is now included!

This pattern block activity is great for kindergarten and 1st grade!

What’s Included in This Winter Pattern Block Activity:

• Large Pattern Block shapes (multiple colors and black & white versions)
• Small Pattern Block shapes (multiple colors and black & white versions)
• My Pattern Block Snowflake Labels (colored and black & white versions)
• I’ve included 2 versions of labels: one says “rhombuses” and one says “rhombi” Both plural spellings are correct, so use the version that works best for your classroom!
• Google Drive Resource

Why you’ll love these Pattern Block Snowflakes

You cannot look at cute snowflakes and not smile, right? And as a BONUS: students are practicing making patterns and building new shapes with pattern blocks!

I’ve recently added a Google Drive version of these pattern block snowflakes so your kiddos can create these darling winter items on their computer, too! How cute are these digital snowflakes?

Growing up, I was definitely more of a reader than a math kid. I always had a book nearby to pull out & read when I had a few minutes. It would have never dawned on me to work on math problems, pull out a puzzle or even build something with pattern blocks! It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that math was more than just word problems and equations!

Teachers’ Experiences With These Snowflake Pattern Blocks

“This was an excellent craft to finish up our math unit on shapes. Students really enjoyed coming up with different snowflake designs. I printed shapes on white paper and students glued shapes on blue construction paper. We hung them up in the hallway for a fun wintery scene!”
“The children loved applying what they learned about 2-D shapes to create their very own geometric snowflake.”
“My kids thought this was the best activity. It was so much fun watching them get creative.”
“My kids had so much fun creating their own snowflake while also understanding the different 2d shapes.”


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