Printable Math Worksheets for 1st Grade

Printable math worksheets for 1st grade classrooms makes teaching (and learning) new math concepts a breeze. 

The easy to use printables worksheets cover a wide range of topics part of 1st grade curriculum.

Some of the topics covered in the math worksheets include:

  • Subtraction 
  • Addition
  • Balancing equations
  • Comparing numbers and more
These fun printable worksheets are sure to be a hit with your 1st graders!
math worksheets for 1st graders comparisons | Lucky Learning with Molly Lynch

The Value of Using Worksheets to Teach Math Concepts

While math can feel daunting for many 1st graders, using worksheets can make it easier for them! Turning math into a game can make them feel more comfortable and confident with new concepts.

Plus, using printable worksheets will save you a lot of time as a teacher. With these worksheets just print them out and you’re basically ready to go!

The longer I’ve been a teacher the more I’ve tried to rely on tools (like printable worksheets) that can save me time and effort so I can focus on other important tasks each day.

These math sheets can even be laminated (in some cases) to help reduce the amount of paper needed.

Your 1st graders will surely love these math worksheets and mine almost always are asking for more to try out, can’t beat it!

Math Worksheet Alternatives: Centers in a Snap™!

With Centers in a Snap™, you’ll get ready-to-go math games that get your kids excited about learning with ZERO teacher time commitment!

Centers in a Snap™ includes EVERYTHING your students will need to play including:

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