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Balancing Equations is a tricky concept for 1st graders and young learners! These balancing equations addition and subtraction worksheet games are intended to be an easy-to-prep and use, printable math activity for students to play with partners or alone!

To prep, simply print and laminate the scale and problem cards.

What’s included in this Balancing Equations Worksheets pack:

Four color-coded sets are included to make it easy to differentiate the skills:
• Balancing Numbers
• Balancing Addition Equations
• Balancing Subtraction Equations
• Balancing Addition and Subtraction Equations
• Recording Sheet

These worksheets make it easy to teach balancing equations to 1st graders!

Other teachers’ experience with the worksheets:

Used this as an extension for above level minders in combination with a balance beam manipulative and they loved it! Great way to expand thinking of addition and subtraction”

“This was a great math center for additional practice with my first grade students. I was able to use in the classroom before we went remote and will use again when we return to in person learning.”

“I got this resource for ideas to send home games for students that they could do independently. I used one of the games with success. Students were able to do it without help from parents. Thank you!”

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